Eurotransplant during the COVID-19 pandemic

Eurotransplant is an international organization responsible for organ distribution and providing services to the transplant centers, laboratories and donor hospitals that collaborate in 8 countries. Some national transplant centers in countries that are not members of Eurotransplant independently enter into agreements with the hospitals in other countries and are included in their waiting lists. 

The members of Eurotransplant are currently Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Almost 137 million people live in the member states. 


The impact of the pandemic on the organ transplantation process 

Countries have put a great effort into keeping transplantation programs operational, despite the pandemic. However, the pandemic left its mark, and the total number of organ donors decreased by 10% (-205) in 2020, while the number of patients on the waiting lists increased slightly by 0.3% (+35). 

During January and February 2020, Eurotransplant member states reported more donors compared to the same period in 2019. However, the first COVID-19 wave (March – April 2020) caused a significant decrease in the number of reported donors, which began to recover in the following months. The new wave in November and December 2020 caused a decrease in the number of donors again compared to the same period in 2019. Nevertheless, the many years of close cooperation between the Eurotransplant member states ensured the continuation of the international exchange of organs, despite the pandemic. 


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